Hollyday house near Tryavna, Hotel in Tryavna, Bulgaria

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    Guest House
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    Ski resort

The holiday house is located at 3.5 km from Tryavna suitable for 3 families and children:

- 1st bedroom- double bed, sofa bed for children, bathroom.
- 2nd bedroom- a double bed, sofa bed for children, bathroom.
- 3rd bedroom- double bed, sofa bed for children, bathroom.
- Livingroom- sofa bed, bathroom.
- Dining room with fireplace.
- Fitted kitchen.
- Satellite TV in every room.
- Veranda.
- Yard with shed and barbecue.
- Parking -3.
Rent for the whole house for 1 day: 190lv
2 days 150lv. per night
3 days 140lv. per night
4 days 130lv. per night
New Year package og 4 nights 1100lv.

For a longer period: negotiable.

Hotel Amentities

  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen
  • Parking lot
    Parking lot
  • TV
  • Balcony
  • Refrigerator
  • WC


  • Bus Stop

  • Hospital

  • Petrol

  • Diving

  • Train

  • Museums

E-mail : [email protected]
Phone : 0899141304
Web site:

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